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The Great Canadian Commercial Contest

For emerging and established filmmakers, regularly honing artistic and commercial filmmaking skills is a tough goal to maintain. Even harder is breaking into the advertising industry, which often allows filmmakers to do both... and make a living from it!

Our Mission: To combine the inspired and innovative spirit of independent filmmaking with the high pressure world of commercial broadcast advertising.

The Great Canadian Commercial Contest inspires filmmakers to put their creative abilities to the test, and make commercials that are screened to several hundred audience members and are eligible for thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Best of all, the commercials will be judged as if this were a real job for a real product, and judges will include broadcast producers from the city's top ad agencies. You will be judged on your storytelling abilities and execution but most importantly: how well you've sold what you were asked to sell.

Our event combines the creative challenges and innovative vision of no budget filmmaking with the pressure of having to tell a well executed marketable story within thirty seconds. Commercials are not only a great way to make a living, they provide filmmakers with an incredible opportunity to develop discipline, strong narrative skills, and an ability to work well under high pressure.

Lets face it. Most commercials suck. Why? Two reasons:

  1. The script is uninspired and boring.
  2. It is incredibly hard to tell a good story in thirty seconds.

Timing is everything, and edits often come down to the frame. Our goal is to take you, the indie filmmaker, and put you inside the mind of the commercial director, to become a commercial director. No longer will you have as much screen time as you want to get your point across, no longer will you be able to use nudity, gratuitous violence or cursing to mask the deficiencies in your story! No, you will have only your wit, discipline and disdain for bad commercials to pull you through. Oh yeah, and you'll also have to sell a product... all within 48 hours!

Please read the rules carefully, assemble your team and prepare yourself for the one and only Second Annual...


Presented by Dazbox Productions Inc..